The Collective


Ian North is the Creative Director and Writer-In-Chief of Storyboard. He lives and works with immigrants and refugees as Director of Communications for Refugee Beads. Ian likes to have fun, but not too much of it, and only at appropriate times.


Josh Feit directs video productions and makes things look pretty on Storyboard. He’s the founder of Evangela Creative, where he assists churches with branding, video, and graphic design. He wears Wal-Mart glasses, but forges designer names on them with washable markers. When it rains, the colors run down his face and he pretends they’re a beard.


Ryan Metzler is Storyboard’s technical director and chief musician. He heads up the R&D division at MASS Collective where he designs and builds strange and mysterious gadgets. He can cook thirty-minute brownies in twenty minutes but refuses to explain how.


Timothy Rhodes serves with Storyboard as the chief editor, second camera, and best boy grip. He called Moscow, Russia his home from 2009 to 2011 – and yes, he will bring it up at any opportunity he can (especially in bios!). He enjoys reading, traveling the world, watching heady movies for their “artistic value”, and short walks on the beach.


David Park is Storyboard’s Podcast Director and Story Scout. He also serves as the pastor of Open Table Community in Chamblee, Georgia. He has a wife and two children, the youngest of whom suffers from a terror of pineapples, and he often publicly accuses David of smelling like cheese.