See Her Shine

When Susan asked us to film the main moments of her cousin Crisleni’s quince, we didn’t think of it a storyboard piece. We just wanted to do a favor for a family in our church and capture this meaningful moment in a young woman’s life.

Because the mission of storyboard is so deeply rooted in story, we always look for a narrative sleeve that moves an idea or tension along as events take place.

We arrived with cameras fifteen minutes after the official start time and about an hour before the guests or even Crisleni showed up. The party that followed was a videographer’s dream. Bright pink adorned everything. Cute kids ran around and danced everywhere. Storied relationships played out in front of us.

We watched Susan serve food, negotiate, deliver messages, and welcome guests for her cousin. Her bright attitude about the work and her delicate and cheerful handling of challenges struck us as meaningful.

So, after a few weeks of reviewing footage, we enlisted Ryan Metzler to put some music together, and we interviewed Susan. She provided a narrative that helped to explain both the structural details of the party and some of the context that made it feel weighty.

We’re thankful for Susan, Crisleni, Astry, and their family for this chance to celebrate with them and see the loves and pressures that young immigrants navigate. We shared in Susan’s joy as she got to see her cousin shine.

Camera Operators: Tim Rhodes, Ian North
Soundtrack and Mastering: Ryan Metzler
Edited by Tim Rhodes
Directed by Tim Rhodes
Produced by Ian North