Storyboard Live: Josh Feit | Another Dimension

Elliot’s wife and three children keep vigil at Atlanta Hospice, taking turns holding his hand, praying prayers of peace, singing hymns, and sleeping on camping mats. Heavily medicated and slipping into a coma, a familiar song seeping from the tinny speakers of Elliot’s phone has him reveling in a vision of glory, while everyone else sees nothing but the bare hospital walls.

Walk with Josh into Atlanta Hospice, Suite 16. Look upon his Dad’s cancer-ravaged body. And find wonder in the mystery of vibrant life emerging from death itself.

This story was told at Storyboard’s first annual advent service, held at Open Table Community in Chamblee, GA. The theme of the morning was ‘word made flesh’, and stories, songs, and the taking of communion were all related to that topic. Josh’s story was told live without notes, and the audio is recorded and presented in unedited form. Video was shot with two DSLR cameras on tripods, and two point-and-shoot roaming cameras.

If you have had a similar experience, or if you have another story you would like to tell, we would love to hear from you.

Camera Operators: Tim Rhodes, Ian North
Sound: Tim Rhodes
Video Editing: Tim Rhodes
Graphics: Josh Feit