Upside Down

A poem by Catie Spencer //

They filter in softly
Sweet small mice
Need, little eyes expectant
Liquid pools in smooth faces
Always hoping

My heart clenches
I don’t want to carry, so inadequate
I pray

May Baca leak joy
And Achor be a door
May Marah become Elim
Jezreel be planted
And Nazareth produce

May gladness replace mourning
Bride and Bridegroom speak
the barren settle
the prisoners sing
the low be lifted

May myrtles overtake briers
Lions live with calves
May mountains kneel
Trees display splendor
And the sun be superfluous

Let no one harm or hurt on all your holy mountain.

About the author: Catie Spencer is an educator in the midst of a job transition. She has lived in the Atlanta area for her whole life, and is deeply connected to her parents, as well as her brother and 3 sisters. She loves to sing, garden, and write (occasionally – it’s tough), and is seeking to live a life that brings glory to God.